Active Wear- Little Hands Gets sporty!!!

It’s a new year and it’s a new you! It’s a little clichéd but the new year is a often time when people mix things up and embrace sport and activity. Get active and get fit! But, how does any of this have anything to do with fashion? How does any of this have anything to do with Little Hands?


Fashion and design doesn’t just mean dresses and suits. It doesn’t just mean Armani, Gucci and Prada. Fashion and design is embraced and used in everything around us from music to drama and particularly in sport.

For athletes, clothes have to be both comfortable and practical whilst looking good. Of course athletes want the highest quality material to provide them with the best chance of success with their sport but these super-humans are also role models, idols and ambassadors. Brands use them as a way of enhancing their businesses and athletes use brands in the same way. The majority of professional athletes are assigned to a brand; from Nike & Adidas to Puma & New Balance. All these companies are competing with each other to produce the hippest sportswear as are athletes, who compete among each other for new sponsorship deals.

Our theme for the term and competition this term is Activewear!


Athleisure ( wearing sportswear as daywear) has also become a major phenomenon in recent years. With the rise of up-market brands such as Lulu Lemon, Sweaty Betty and Lucus Hugh, both women and men alike are embracing sports- wear. Come on ladies, who doesn’t go out in Nike Frees, Black leggings and a Lulu Jumper for a coffee date? Boys- have you never been out in your Nike sweats and Stan Smiths? Sportswear is no longer associated with the grey velour tracksuits of the nineties but something to stylish and aspirational, to be worn both during and around activities.


Even sports-stars are becoming more and more into fashion and design. Take David Beckham for example. With his own fashion line for H&M, his own perfume range in addition to being a well known face on the FROW of all the Fashion Weeks, Beckham has become a fashion icon for men. Same for women; just take a look at Serena Williams or famous fitness blogger Kayla Instines for some major girl-crushing. American International runner Maggie Vessey is our favourite example of the cross-over between fashion and sport. Unable to get a sponsorship deal, Vessey decided two years ago to ask relatively unknown designers and brands to create some pretty crazy wacky but practical outfits for her to race in. Since that day, she has become THE most fashionable person on the track. From frilled bralets to sequined hot pants; Vessey is both experimental and inspirational. Just take a look for yourselves!





So where do we come into this? Well, as we sat admiring the footballers during one of the many football games on television at the moment (obviously for their talent and not their looks!) we came to a conclusion. Little hands should do sportswear! We had always thought we offered everything but with summer coming up and all of us embracing the season of sport- we realised why not allow our students to create something that they can both train in and wear on a casual basis!?

For you lovely ladies we have created panelled culottes and a floaty top that looks great both on and off the pitch. Our leggings and crop top are perfect for dance wear and just look out our little gymnast in her top and super comfortable and stylish shorts that can be worn at the gym, on a run, on the pitch or just out and about. For style conscious young men we have the ultimate cool muscle shirt and stretch denim trackies as well as on-trend cycling caps. If these ideas don’t appeal to you, we will be happy to discuss helping you create your own sportswear if we have the material and it’s in your ability range!















For a bit more athleisure inspiration we have created four lists for you guys to have a little scroll through! From our most fashionable male sports stars to our favourite designer sportswear collaborations; take a look!
Please let us know if you would add anymore ( or if totally disagree with us… but come on that’s unlikely)

Favourite athleisure brands:

1) Lulu Lemon- I mean come on, have you seen the sports bras!

2) Nike- old school with a new modern design- we will never fault the classic

3) Varley- a super cool, cultish Aussie label with renowned pastel one pieces.

4)Adidas- they created the cultish classic trainer- Stan Smiths. You don’t need another explanation!

5) Bandier- just trust us on this one/ if you don’t trust us just stalk their drool-worthy instagram.

Favourite collaborations

1) Raf Simmons( Dior) X Adidas

2) Stella McCartney X Adidas

3) Alexander Wang X H&M Sport

4) Gyakusou X Nike Sportswear Undercover

5) Jeremy Scott X Adidas

6) Mary Katranzou x Adidas

7) Puma X Philippe Stark

8)Riccardo Tisci ( Givenchy) X Nike

9) Yohji Yamamto x Real Madrid

10) Palace X Umbro

Most fashionable sportsmen:

1) David Beckham- need we say more!
2) Fred Perry- old school right- who doesn’t love classic plimsolls and a polo shirt?!
3) Usain Bolt- the king of tailored suits and lycra
4) Daniel Sturridge- dubbed the first hipster footballer
5) Jose Mourinho( football manager) whilst most managers turn up in team tracksuits, the Manchester United Manager is known to turn up in classy trench coats and angora wool polo-necks
6) Lewis Hamilton( Formula 1)- a well known face on the fashion scene, Hamilton is always a front row favourite during London and Paris Fashion Weeks

Most fashionable sportswomen:

1) Maggie Vessey( athletics): bold, brave and brilliant
2)Serena Williams-( tennis): With her own fashion line promoting her sporty style, the tennis star is an inspiration for bigger, strong women.
3)Misty Copeland( Ballet) :the 5 ft 2 ballet dancer has shown petite women around the world how to dress for their height and shape.
4) Anna Rawson( Golf): now a runway model, she mixes Chanel couture with her Nike frees
5) Katrina Johnson Thompson( heptathlon): with enviable abs, glowing skin as well as being crazily talented, KJT ( also a Nike model) is predicted to be the most marketable sports person on the planet in the next five years.

Let’s get Active at Little Hands Design!