Our Summer Holiday Courses 2016

Summer can be a pretty stressful time. The kids are all off from school and although there is an abundance of sports camps and performing arts courses, what do you do with the children that want to do something slightly different this summer?

Little Hands are running their annual Design and Clothes-Making Summer Course all the way through summer, with weekly courses commencing on July 11th. These camps, which run both full days (9am-12pm) or half days give children and teenagers the opportunity and enough time to experience the entire process of designing and then creating their own outfit or accessories. Each day is a totally new experience; one day your child could be designing their Oscar-worthy outfit and by day five, they could be selecting sequins from our vast collections of materials for that finishing touch! However, most of our students take inspiration from our ability appropriate spring /summer project collection and we always encourage them to give anything a go! Not only are all the fundamental sewing and design skills taught each day by our highly qualified staff but your child is fully immersed in the world of fashion for an entire week.

 Your child is fully immersed in the world of fashion for an entire week.

The courses are also very social and the relaxed and non-judgmental environment means that making friends is easy even for the shyest of children. Throughout the course of the week, we also host themed competitions to add a little bit of good-natured fun to the week and often have these run in conjunction with our collaborations with well known companies and fashion houses. This year we have been and continue to work with Lego! This collaboration has been an enormous success with the proof being in our recent May Half Term Course! Our young students were taught the basics of 3D design using Lego and then applied this knowledge to understand how many modern designers produce and conceptualize their designs in the present day. The students were surprised to see how brilliantly their designs turned out and can you take a look for yourselves at their end products in the May Half Term photos below. Fortunately for you, Lego are continuing their work with us into this summer, and their competitions among many others, may help propel your child into fashion recognition outside our North London studio!

Even if your child is slightly younger, we have our Tiny Hands courses for six to eight year olds! This class is adjusted to the younger children and is both a nurturing and exciting way for them to play around with fashion and make friends. These classes are separate to the older classes so we can pay maximum attention to your little ones and let them experiment to their heart’s content.

Our summer courses are quickly filling up so if you think this seems like the perfect week for your child or you if you’re under eighteen, then please book online or give us a call or an email. The weeklong course costs £250 pounds for the full days and £120 for the half day, both of which include all the materials in our impressive selection and the professional teaching and assistance of our qualified staff at all times. Most of all, your child will leave with a lifetime of experiences and a brand new outfit!

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Most of all, your child will leave with a lifetime of experiences and a brand new outfit!


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