Usually for our Style Icon Blog we would focus on one celebrity and take a look at their outfits over the past few weeks. However, when Taylor Swift hosted her Independence Day Party, we couldn’t help but lust over her notorious Girl Squad and their incredible outfits!

With her celebrations involving the likes of supermodels Gigi Hadid ( see our double denim workshop ) and Karlie Kloss, in addition to her new boyfriend and actor Tom Hiddelston, the day was destined to be both full of well known faces and stars and stripes. Other major game-players included the singers Ed Sheeran and Ke$ha as well as model of the moment Cara Delevigne.

As expected, all the guests very much got into the American theme, with stripe and star motifs dominating both swimwear and day wear. Swift even went so far as to wear a bikini with the word America blazened across her chest! If that isn’t dedication to the cause then we don’t know what is!

What we love about Swift’s Party and the subsequent outfits is how fashion can also be used to express pride and patriotism. It has been used here to invoke a sense of pride in their America history yet the outfits are still modern and very much in vogue. Little Hands wants to do something similar. Every day we endeavour to make you into better designers by using both traditional and modern methods to produce clothing that you can wear both today and in the future. We love experimenting with logos and patterns and prints like Taylor’s squad does and also love seeing how fashion can bring people together.

Take a look at our gallery for a little bit of 4th July inspiration from Tay and her girl squad. Whether Tom Hiddleston can pull of an I Heart TS tank top is another question but I guess people get a little crazy when they fall in love eh?!

styleicon4thjuly6 styleicon4thjuly5 styleicon4thjuly4 styleicon4thjuly3 styleicon4thjuly2 styleicon4thjuly1


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