Why Sewing Is The Hottest New Trend For Teens! + 50% Your D of E Skills!!*

So, you think sewing is just for Grandma’s or small children? Well, it’s time to think again! Sewing, dressmaking and fashion design are the perfect hobby to escape or compliment your school studies. If you love clothes, love fashion, love art and design it’s about time you looked into it!

Love Clothes 

If you love clothes and shopping, you are not alone, teens are a huge market for fashion brands. But, do you often find you can’t find clothes to fit, or they are just not the right style? Or you find the perfect dress then two weeks later all your friends have the same one? Big no no!

If you make your own they fit you perfectly, you can use fabrics you love and be totally unique. At Little Hands we pride ourselves on keeping up with the trends and provide loads of designer inspired projects for a fraction of the cost, just look at our version of the Kylie Jenner favourite, Fendi Furballs!


The fabrics we have here are also designer! As we are a non-profit organisation we run on generous donations! And boy we have good ones e.g. the International Design House Ted Baker send us all of their scraps, offcuts and leftovers each season. Plus, fantastic swimwear design Orlebar Brown to name just two.

Learning Skills For Life 


Not just how to sew a button on, (which is also very useful for life!) But, designing, making, maths, geometry, problem solving.  You name it – you’ll experience it.

It’s a great place to try out skills for GCSE DT/ textiles or art. (Just check out this vid on our you-tube channel of free machine embroidery in action.)

Then if you’re really serious about it you can add your Little Hands work into your portfolio for A level and even university applications. Even if the creative industries aren’t your aim having something like sewing and design on your CV shows the breadth of your interests.

Duke of Edinburgh Award


If you are aiming to get your D of E you can complete your skills award with us! You need to do at least one session a week for a whole term, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with it so much you’ll stay for much longer than that!

Once you get really good you can also volunteer here helping to teach younger children and  prepare the lessons. This can count towards your volunteering D of E.

Join Our Community!


It’s a very good way to make friends in a non judgmental environment and have a quiet space where you can focus on yourself and not constantly on Instagram/Snapchat. (Although we do have those things so we would encourage you to follow us! @littlehandsdesign for Insta @diyfashion for Snapchat.)

You get to use the best materials and gain expertise from renowned teachers and instructors for only eight pounds an hour. This money will go purely into keeping the business running and contributing towards our refugee classes that we run weekly and providing those who cannot afford our classes with the opportunity to come.

The community spirit we have built up was shown to us just before the summer when we ran a crowd funding campaign to increase the number of bursaries we can give to disadvantaged kids and adults!  We are so chuffed with the generosity shown by our Little Hands’ community and have smashed our target so we can now actively support those in need!

*if you are on free school meals or have extenuating circumstances you may be eligible for a bursary meaning you can get up to 50% off the term fee. Give us a call on 0207-4310573 or email info@littlehandsdesign.com for more information.

What are you waiting for?!


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