Modular Lego Competition Winners Term Time!

Last term we ran one of our most popular competitions ever! The task was to think like a professional designer and use the modular (building block) idea from lego as the inspiration for your design. Check out our inspiration page on Pinterest. It could be modular like patchwork with repeated pieces sewn together, or larger pieces that are multi-functional with detachable segments, like shorts that could turn into trousers etc. 

The designs that our students came up with exceeded our expectations, they really let their imaginations run wild! We had so many entries it was hard to narrow it down!  We eventually came up with a shortlist and sent it to our guest judge, Duncan Titmarsh who is UK’s only certified LEGO Builder! See the kind of things he makes on the Bright Bricks Website.

Drumroll Please, here’s who won! Congratulations everyone who took part!!

The Overall Winner – Amber 11

What We Said:
See design above! A little hander for a number of years, Amber really used her imagination with Lego and turned it into an amazing woven dress! She cut and wove all the individual strips. And even patched the skirt together to get the effect she wanted. Very self motivated and hard worker, it took her nearly the whole term and she stuck it out with a smile on her face! Fantastic development from drawing to dress.

What the Judge Said: 
Great combination of Lego construction and fashion. Clever and unique use of weaving strips of fabric.

Great Teamwork! – Clara & Esme 9

What we said: 
 Little handers for 3 & 1 year respectively. Came up with the cape design with LEGO and decided to work in a team to make one each! It can be a cape, and they have left armholes to wear as a dress with a belt. Modular in two ways with patchwork and multiple uses.
What the Judge Said:
Great concept of wearing the garment in multiple ways. Practical and interesting. Has many uses like Lego bricks.

Clever Design –  Eleanor  11


What we said: 
Little hander for 3 – 4 years. A very accomplished sewer! Loved the cogs and little extras in the lego, we were really impressed with the journey from LEGO to drawing to design. Probably one of the best ‘designing with lego’ eyes she really got the idea of imagining it as a ‘final outcome.’ She instantly saw it as a backpack with cogs and stuck with it, the cogs are made from leather and actually turn with each other! Concealed zip on the back of the rucksack.
What the Judge Said:
 Clever use of cogs, like representing interlocking Lego bricks. Simple but great design. Great journey from Lego to design to piece.

Adult Prize – Margerita

What we said: 
One of our adult students who loved the idea of putting together ‘modules’ to create a stunning effect.  She used a dressmaker’s pattern for the skirt and made a matching cardigan. Quite complicated pattern and she made it look effortless!
What the Judge Said:
Impressive sewing and assembly. Nice that the skirt has a matching jacket. Great angular shapes like in Lego.

Great Concept – Zoe 13


What we said: 
Has been coming to our classes for many years. A very thorough and thoughtful student.  She came up with the bag idea using the clear LEGO bricks and decided to go for it! Made it into a fantastic final design with patches and clear sections.
What the Judge Said:
 Impressive journey from concept to bag. Clever use of clear fabrics to represent the transparent bricks.

And the Judges favourite Runner Ups!


Chaya -8 


What the Judge Said:

Unique idea of ‘wrapping’ the garment around the body. Pieces have been connected together like building a Lego model.

Kaya – 9


What the Judge Said:

Great journey from design to piece. Nice representation of connecting LEGO bricks through sewing pieces together.


Paloma – 10 


What the Judge Said:

Cool technique of connecting leather shapes together. Really nice neat shapes, well cut out.

 Layla – 8

Layla Tues 1.jpg

Layla made her lovely t-shirt for her little sister! Great use of cut out shapes and free hand embroidery! (A technique she had never used before).

Well done everyone who entered for all your hard work and effort! This terms prizes will go to those focusing on couture techniques, let’s get started!!


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