Modular Lego Competition Summer Holiday Round!

You can check out the winners of our modular design competition from the term time and previous holiday classes on our last blog. The design challenge was so successful we carried it on into our summer holiday classes. These students, some who had never really sewn before had an intense week to come up with their designs and then make them into reality! We had some brilliant ideas taken from lego to finished item.

One of our favourite things about this design challenge was to play with LEGO and then get inspired and try out design drawings. We gathered into to groups to talk through the ideas and give feedback! This is how designers work in real fashion houses, there is a big team of designers who bounce ideas off each other. Some found this difficult in the beginning but it really made them look at ideas differently and learn how to give and receive constructive criticism.


When students get involved with competitions we always say they aren’t in competition with everyone else, they are in competition with themselves and we don’t always choose the prettiest items but the ones where students have pushed themselves and come up with amazing ideas and tried out things they thought they could not do!!!

With that in mind here are our winners!

Overall Winner  – Great Technical Details – Scarlett 9



Scarlett came up with design from her LEGO straight away using the building block idea to create a patchwork off the shoulder T-shirt with detachable decorative patches. With feedback from her friends she furthered her idea to have a detachable sleeve.

She worked incredibly hard for 2 & 1/2 days sewing her patchwork, making a top, putting a zip in for the first time (a tricky zip at that around the arm hole sewn into stretchy jersey fabric!). Then followed hemming every seam accurately and hand sewing on her decorations! We were super impressed with her design and dedication!


Stylish Design – Raffaela 11




Raffaela had only done a little bit of sewing before her holiday week. She hand-picked all of the pieces to go on to her skirt and it took her a number of afternoons to sew them on exactly where she wanted them! We saw her sewing skills improve over the week and it really nurtured her design eye. She decided it might be too much to cover the whole dress so stopped at the skirt and we think that works perfectly! She also adapted one of our readymade patterns to create the dress.


 Individual Design – Juliana 11


This was Juliana’s first time at Little Hands but she has had some experience sewing before. Her design was inspired by fire and water. She carefully cut out each flame/drop of water and sewed around the outside to stop them fraying. We were impressed with her attention to detail and dedication to her design, it took her nearly the whole time she was here and she always had a smile on her face!


Runners up

It was a very tough call we wish we could give prizes to everyone but these are out runners up.


Starter 6-8 year old – Theodore  6


Theodore had never used the machine before! He designed the patchwork blanket usingLEGO and was determined to make a blanket for his room. We warned him it would be a little challenging but he worked really hard to get it finished, handpicking every fabric and pinning and sewing every seam on the machine. He understood the concept of how to pin patchwork really well (something much older students sometimes struggle with!) Very impressive! It’s also lined!


Simple & Effective – Elena 14



Elena came all the way from Italy to join us for her holiday week! She got stuck right into the competition and totally understood the concept even though her first language is Italian not English! She chose bold stand out colours and shapes and to create a simple but effective modular belt. We think it looks great with the monotone outfit, letting the belt really pop.


Congratulations everyone! On to the next competition, couture techniques!!


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