How To Make An Feather Headress

We love this on trend feather head dress idea! Great for parties or just any day of the week!


Watch this short video and you’ll be on your way!

You will need: 

Small fabric pieces
Band/feather/crown patterns
beads and buttons
safety pin




  1.  Pick your base fabric and a few felt colours for feathers.
  2. Take the band pattern and hold it on your head to check the size. Draw around your pattern with a pen and cut.
  3. Take your band and arrange your first layer of feathers to it, pin in place.
  4. Sew in the centre of each feather using embroidery straight stitch creating a stem! OR Hand-Sew! 
  5. Arrange remaining feathers and sew them on in the same way as above.
  6. Place your ribbon along the band edge, pin and sew.
  7. Pin and sew a ribbon tie or elastic to make your headdress fit.
  8. Add beads or ribbon trims!!

and you’re done!


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