How To Make A Dinosaur Tail!

Who wouldn’t want to be a dinosaur!

You will need:
1 x tail on the fold
Elastic or ribbon
1 x circle
1 x spikes

1. Place your spikes onto the right side of the tail fabric onto one of the straight edges ,with the spikes facing downwards. Make sure your largest spike is at the largest end of your tail. Pin and sew.


2. Fold your tail in half right sides together, Leave a gap in the centre of your tail. Pin and sew the two ends.


3. Cut off the tip of your tail making sure not to cut the stitching.


4. Measure some elastic around your waist and cut  about 5 cm smaller than you! Take your elastic and pin to either side of the bottom circle facing inwards. Sew.


5. Use the reference method to pin the circle into the tail.


6. Carefully sew around it!


7. clip the curves of the circle. dino-9

8. Blind stitch the gap!





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