Check Out This Aspiring Fashionista’s Blog!

At Little Hands Design we love fashion and we love it when we see this passion cross over to our students. Keeping a portfolio or blog is a great way to keep track of what they have designed and made and just any thoughts they have! 

Many of our students find our courses a great help in excelling at their textiles and art GSCE’s and A-levels and often go on to study fashion or textiles at university.

This particular 14 year old student loves fashion and design and updates his blog weekly with fashion drawings, designs, reviews and comments – it’s well worth a look!

The Not So Fashion News

It’s full of fashion drawings:


“So this another one of my designs, which will again be featured in the Japanese style Madame Butterfly collection, this style echoes through the shades of red and gold. This is again at a time where she is waiting for Pinkertons return and while hoping for this she wears gorgeous gowns to impress the long awaited father. The burgundy parts are little details that are pleated which contrast with the light-weighted red silk. Each part of burgundy detail is surrounded by golden sequins which envelope the pleats like snakes. This dress is not particularly special in the collection nor does it have a deeper meaning behind it. I simply feel that this is one of the most beautiful dresses that I have drawn, hence I felt the necessity to share it.”


To reviews and comments on fashion and design. From his favourite period – (It’s the 50’s and 60’s by the way) We love this Mondrian inspired Yves Saint Laurent too!

And he’s not afraid to give honest opinions!  Here’s an extract from his review of Gucci head designer  Alessandro Michele.

Gucci Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2016 in Milan

“This dress looks like someone ate a rainbow meal of fabric sequins and bows and was then splurged together when it was vomited back out from the horrendous taste it left on your palette. Also do not forget to add 70s glasses and a bob hair-cut and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.”

A budding fashion critic if we’ve ever heard one!! Great to see someone not afraid to say what they think. Keep up the good work!!

If you are one of our students and you keep a blog let us know and we’d love to highlight it!


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