May & Summer Holiday Fun!

May Half Term 

30th May – 2nd June

Summer Holiday Dates:

Week 1 – 10th – 14th July

Week 2 17th- 21st July

Week 3 – 24th – 28th July

Week 4 – 31st July – 4th August

29th August – 1st September (4 day week)


Class Times & Fees:

9am-4pm / 9am-12pm / PM 1-4pm

£225 Mo-Fri 9-4pm (full week)

or £120 Mo-Fri 9-12 noon or 1-4pm (half week)

or £180 for 4-full days / £96 for 4-half days

(materials included)

Ages: 6-8 years and 8-18 years

Call 02074310573  or email to book!

 Summer 2017 is fast approaching! Our May half term and Summer Holiday Courses are the hottest ticket in town! They get booked up in a flash so don’t delay, book your child in today!

The Little Hands Summer 2017 theme is Festival and Beachwear, so amongst other projects we’ve got a whole host to really celebrate the most enjoyable time of year. (Let’s hope the weather is on our side too!)


Join the Little Hands Design Summer Camps for that unique designer summer that you are craving! We have everything that is required to provide your kids, tweens and teens with the fashion forward quirky experience that fits into all the current events that are happening in London right now.


The LHD teachers are a team of fashion and textile industry experts- the perfect people to introduce you to technical techniques and making ideas. It is an experience that is truly hands-on where students are able to design at their level and collaborate with everyone working on individual projects!

There are sewing machines, hardware tools, computer aided design and much more! Whether you are a starter, have sewn before or need to learn some new techniques, we have just the right thing for you! Imagine saying to your friends: ‘Yeah, I made this myself!’

Happy Unpicking

There will also be a chance to enter our termly design and skills competition if you create your own festival or beachwear style item.

Looking forward to a holiday camp of buzzing creativity, busy hands, loads of giggles and new friends – join the Little Hands Community today!!


Don’t just take our word for it here’s what other parents have to say:

“My son loves going to Little Hands. He made great projects and enjoyed his time there. He immediately picked up tips and tricks about pinning, cutting and sewing that he kept talking about, at home. He learnt about not wasting fabric, recycling it into new projects, looking after the sewing machines,etc. The fact that he gets to use the sewing machines is the coolest thing ever for a 7yrs old boy!!!!  According to him:  “it is real fun and the scissors go ‘snip snip’ and I love the sound!!!”He gets to choose the fabric for his projects and even the colour of the thread for his hand sewing. He really feels that the projects are his own creation from the beginning to the end.”
(Parent of 7 year old.)

“Astrid and her team have created an exhilarating, enjoyable, and edifying little world, where my daughter aged 8 has been inspired and illuminated with every visit. Currently enjoying a week-long course during the school holidays, she skips home in new clothes and accessories that she has both designed and made. I would totally recommend this amazing microcosm, located in Belsize Park NW3 to anyone looking for activities for their kids during the school holidays.”
(Parent of 8 year old.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn?

Tailor Tacks Teaching

We teach everyone how to thread and use a sewing machine, as well as cutting. pinning and ironing skills and a whole host of sewing and design tips and tricks!  These will vary in complexity depending on the age and ability of the individual child. We have projects and exercises to suit 6 to 18 year olds! We prepare a different ‘Collection’ every term so there is always a new and exciting wide range of projects to choose from!

Projects might also include, printing, embroidery, hardware, computer aided design. Our fashion fun holiday camps are a great place to get immersed in the art of fashion and clothes making.

Why choose a whole week?


Getting immersed in our world of sewing for a whole week has great benefits, we see a great sense of achievement in those who have the time to work on longer projects and improve their skills from Monday to Friday. Having a full week with us will open your eyes to all the amazing creations that are possible within our ‘set programme’ and you will have the choice of simple or advanced projects dependent on your level!!

 For students that can only attend odd days, we will have a list of ‘LHD Specials’- these are projects that we feel are achievable in the shorter amount of time, that will provide satisfaction, fun and learning. Unfortunately we cannot offer as wide a range as the full week, as our main aim is that all are left with products that are complete whilst having fun and not rushing leading to a ‘fast fashion’ atmosphere.

Can they bring in their own designs?


We love to see young minds being creative and coming up with their own designs!  The best thing to do is pop us an email with details before the course to give us a little time to prepare ourselves for how we can help!

We do need to manage expectations that if it’s someone’s first time sewing they won’t be able to make a ball gown! As they say, you need to walk before you can run. If we think something is too tricky we will of course explain our reasoning. Sometimes it’s best to practise basic skills with easier projects and build up to that dream item!

How is the week Structured?


Day One is all about getting to grips with the machine and health and safety in the room! We provide a small selection of simple introductory projects that take half or a  full day to complete. (Depending on ability) This means we can get something fun and quick done and the teachers can assess the level of each child. They will also take this day to choose what they want to make for the rest of the week, we will send them home with fabric if it needs to washed to prevent shrinkage!

The Middle of the week everyone works on their own chosen project, adding their own individual flair!

The Last Day we call our Hands On Designer Day! We have a number of set quick and simple but effective projects on offer, (which the children vote on earlier in the week). If they are there for the full day they choose 2 or 1 for half a day! A great and refreshing end to the week! (Not in weeks with Bank Holidays!)  Kids (and teachers!) are also asked to wear what they’ve made to celebrate the amazing achievements of the week!


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