This Student has been Sewing with us for 6 years and She’s Still Going Strong!

Some of our students start with us when they are teeny tiny and grow up with is into amazing sewers! Here’s a little diary from one of our loyal students!

I first went to Little Hands on a school trip when I was in Year 3. Now, nearly six years on, I go every week and continue to sew at home. Over the years, I’ve learnt a lot of helpful skills, and not just how to sew.


You first learn basic machine skills, like learning how to thread and sew straight and curvy lines. There’s a free choice of what you want to make from the board, and you get support from the teachers when you struggle.


Also, you develop the ability to think for your self, as the teachers help you to work out what the instructions mean, rather then telling you and not letting you learn. We learn lots of techniques on finishing projects, even a beginner can make their project look professional.


There are a whole range of projects and techniques to do, so you not only don’t get board of doing one thing over and over again, you can make things that you wouldn’t normally make and enjoy it.eleanor-tues-2

Also Little Hands encourages creativity by introducing free design projects, where you can either start with a half made garment donated by Ted Baker or your own imagination and create something.


It could be something to wear, or to use, or just for decoration. Also, the projects aren’t set, you can add extra finishes or decoration in any way you are able to.


Another good thing at Little Hands is that you can work at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how slow or quick you are, you’ll get the support you need.

I’ve really enjoyed working at Little Hands and have created lots of great things.

If you’re a little hands student and you want to share your story get in touch and you can write you’re own diary blog!


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