Special Festive Offer! Wellness Package

This festive season we’ve got some amazing treats on offer! We’ve teamed up with a whole host of different local businesses to give you an all round wellness package. It’s the end of the year, the perfect time to really look after yourself or your loved ones.

Haven’t you heard we’ve reached peak stuff, experiences are the new desirable gifts to give. Treat someone with something they’ll truly treasure and remember, or, of course just treat yourself!

Only available to claim for a limited time until 31st December! (You can still choose when you use it, but you must download and get in touch with the corresponding business right away!)

The special wellness offers below include:







Little Hands Design 


This is one for the kids! They can while away the hours with us at Little Hands Design. Learning a brand new skill, or freshening up their knowledge. Our sewing and dressmaking classes teach a valuable life skill as well as other transferable skills; design, problem solving, maths, geometry and it can be highly, therapeutic!

Take a look at this article from The Handwork Studio on how sewing can help your child relax.

We’re giving away not 1 but 2 vouchers. Come with a friend to a drop-in session,  2 for the price of 1! Or get 20% off your term fee for January* (*new students only).

Click here to download PDF Voucher here:lhd-sewing-session-voucher

Email: info@littlehandsdesign.com


City Massage London 


 City Massage London are dedicated to delivering quality massages, by professional therapists across London. Choose whether they come to you in your home or workplace or you can visit one of their studios. They are offering a £10 off voucher any for their massages. Check out the full range of treatments available on their website.

Click here to download PDF Voucher – city-massage-10-off-voucher

Email: citymassagelondon@gmail.com

Japan Health Solutions


Look Great – Feel Great!

Most illness is caused by our modern environment and lifestyle* – they really matter!

Japan Health Solutions offer tools to help people make changes to their environment and lifestyle and yet still fit in with the world around us.

Located near the O2 Centre on Finchley Road, Japan Health Solutions are offering a free – no strings – energy balancing and relaxation experience.

* US Surgeon General: “Healthy People” Report on Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Click here to download PDF voucher! japan-health-solutions-free-session-voucher

Email: ericanddalia@hotmail.com


Alexander Technique North London


Do you love your clothes but not the way they look on you? Are you in pain, stressed or concerned about your posture or performance? Alexander Technique lessons can help you with all this.  It teaches you to be more aware and mindful about how you move, sit, stand or any activity, so that you have greater ease of movement, feeling lighter, more energised, balanced and in less pain. Give yourself or a loved one a treat this winter and you’ll notice the difference. Deborah is offering a voucher for £15 for a 1 hour lesson (reduced from £40)

Click here to download PDF Voucher: alexdaner-technique-15-for-1hr-session-voucher

Email: deborah@alextechnorthlondon.com to book!


Psychology & Development Services


“The training is revolutionary; it’s changed my life.” Michelle Horwood, banker

“Occasionally there’s someone saying something that makes you stop and listen. Graham Price is one of these. His teaching is truly powerful.” The London Magazine

If those quotes doesn’t tempt you I don’t know what will! Psychologist and development trainer Graham Price is offering a life-changing webinar absolutely free. It will teach you exceptional resilience and power tools that remove stress, regret, dissatisfaction and other ‘resistant’ thoughts. Take the first step to generate a powerful mindset, achieve more and create the life you want to lead! See www.positive-mind-training.com for more info and to register. Read more testimonials here.

Download the PDF voucher here: positive-mind-training-voucher-free-webinar

Email: grahamprice@abicord.com

So what are you waiting for! Look after yourself and your loved ones, get clicking and download your vouchers now.